People Call Out Xiaomi For Copying Apple's iOS UI For MIUI 12 & We're Not Even Surprised


Xiaomi's new MIUI 12 was announced just a couple of days back. 

The new user interface seems to be a lot more refined and minimal compared to what we have right now on the existing version of MIUI. It also has a ton of new features that we're looking to forward to use once it arrives in India.

However, a handful of users seem to have got their hands on the new software. One user, in particular, who flashed the new UI on his Xiaomi phone, pointed out how closely it "resembles" Apple's iOS.

Here, check it out-

 As you can see, the above image compares Apple's Control Center to Xiaomi's new MIUI12's Control Center. Yeah, they even named it Control Center and the resemblance is uncanny. If you set the same wallpaper on both phones, as he did for the image, it looks very similar.

In addition to the Control Center, a lot of other MIUI 12 elements look the same. The navigation gesture bar, for instance, looks identical. Even the gesture animations look identical for you when launch/ exit an app. Check it out - 

You'll find a lot of other such examples on his Twitter page, so check them out if you're really interested. 


Obviously, we're not here to say that Xiaomi has copied the UI. However, people are calling out Xiaomi for their new UI on Twitter. Here, check it out - 

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