Venus V-44 ++ N95 Face Mask NIOSH Approved Respirator ISI Certified Anti Pollution Mask
Venus V-44 ++ N95 Face Mask NIOSH Approved Respirator is a part of V-44 series of Venus respirators manufactured by VENUS Safety & Health Pvt. Ltd. which are having superior micro-fine media technology that protects the user from respirable suspended particulate matter. Venus...
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500 Ml Sanitizer Plus Premium 4 Layered Filter Mask
Hand Sanitizer Hand sanitizers are the perfect solution for moisturized, germ-free hands on-the-go. They kill most of the common germs and keep your hands clean and soft and with a choice of seasonal scents. You get cleanliness and lightly fragranced...
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PM 2.5 Washable Anti Pollution Mask Military Grade Quality Replaceable Filter Breathing Valve Anti Dust Premium Quality (Assorted Color)
Durable and Extreme Comfortable: Washable anti dust mask made of 100% cotton Superior Protection For PM 2.5 Particles: Anti pollution mask with a high efficiency The air pollution mask ideal for dust, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen,crafts,gardening,travel,anonymity,outdoor sports,haze day protection,pets &...
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Wildcraft W- 95 Mask Black Adults HypaShield Reusable 6-Layer Anti-Pollution Outdoor Masks
Mask is reusable up to 30 gentle hand washes tested as per standards set by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) 95%+ Particle filtration efficiency (PFE) for over 0.3µm (micron) size particles & Bacteria Fluid splash resistant test on Hydrostatic head...
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N95 Mask Respirator ISI Certified Anti Polluiton Safety Face Mask
Three major antibacterial technology, give you more thoughtful protection. Using advanced environmental materials, the four-layer fabric effectively resists fine particles and bacteria in air pollution. Anti PM2.5, haze, dust and bacteria, etc. N95 face mask, the filtering effect is up...
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Venus V-410-V Respirator Face Mask ISI Certified Safety Mask
Color : Yellow Model : V-410-V Class : FFP1-S M.U.L.: Upto 4 x OEL Latex Free Textile Elastic for Long Life Skin Friendly Superior Microfibre Media Technology Stay Cool Butterfly Vent Valve Indian standard Institute ISI Marked Anti clogging (NR...
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