Our Mission

“Delivering happiness to our customers by helping them find the right accessories of their choice, made available in trendy and customised designs, of optimum functionality, premium quality and speedy delivery at reasonable prices for their latest electronic gadgets covering all brands and models.”

Our Vision

  • Staying connected with customers throughout their journey of purchasing and use, welcoming new ideas, feedbacks and questions.
  • Use latest technology and innovation in product servicing and delivery.
  • Constantly invest in market research and newfor improving user experience.
  • Building a passionate and committed team which loves what we do; delivering happiness to our customers.

Our Philosophy

Good things don’t have to be expensive! 

Your cover is a style statement. It reflects your personality. You wear your cover more often than your favorite outfits!

 वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्

Meaning:The Universe is our Family.

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